Frequently asked questions about The Landor Theatre

How did the Landor get its name?
Landor is a variant of Lander (Middle English) meaning “landowner”. It’s also the name of the road on which the theatre is located.

Who runs The Landor Theatre?
The Landor Theatre is under the artistic direction of Robert McWhir. The production company that produces all of the in-house shows at The Landor is Theatrica Ltd, of which Robert McWhir is the director. Robert has an extensive background as performer, producer and director. Highly acclaimed productions include, I Love You Because, Follies and Do I Hear a Waltz.

What kind of plays does the Landor produce?
The Landor has a reputation for both classic and new musical theatre as well as a varied programme of productions.

Who owns Landor Theatre?

The theatre is a trading name of Theatrica Ltd, an independent company owning the theatre business & equipment. Landor Theatre isn’t owned or funded by the pub or by any other body. We are pleased to have a space above the thriving Landor Pub, where we have made our home. Please note that “Landor Theatre” is a trademarked phrase.

Who chooses the shows at Landor Theatre?

Working with a small team of skilled people, Artistic Director Robert McWhir selects shows for the venue. We produce some shows ourselves, while at other times we hire the space to selected production companies: revenue from these activities covers our costs and allows us to choose a program based on merit rather than any influence or agenda from third parties.

What happens to a play after it’s premiered at the Landor?
Some of our world premieres enjoy a long and distinguished history after their first productions at the Landor, famously Stiles and Drewe’s Honk!.

I’ve never heard of this play. How do I know it will be good?
Artistic risk is a way of life for us at the Landor. While we can’t guarantee that every audience member will like every play, we can assure you that all our plays are produced at the highest level of professionalism and are worth your time and thoughtful attention.

How do you assist patrons with disabilities?
Patrons with special needs are encouraged to contact the box office in advance and plan to arrive early for seating assistance. Unfortunately, sign language interpretation and audio description are not available at this time.

How much do tickets cost and how can I buy them?
Ticket prices depend on the performance day. You can book tickets in a number of ways, both on this website or by calling the box office on 020 7737 7276. There is a twenty-four hour answering machine system.

What is the refund policy on tickets?
Tickets are non-refundable, except when offered as a return for an already sold out performance.

I love the plays I’ve seen at the Landor. How can I keep up with new productions?
We’re so glad you like our work! We send out regular newsletters’. If you would like to join our monthly newsletter, please go to the ‘Contact Us’ section of this site and submit your contact details.

How do I get to the Landor Theatre?
There is a map for you to find us on the ‘Contact Us’ section, but the easiest way to reach the venue, is to take the Northern Line to Clapham North Tube Station. As you leave the station you will notice a pub opposite you called ‘The Clapham North’ – that pub sits on the end of Landor Road. We are approximately two minutes walk from there on the right hand side, you can’t miss us!

I’d like to play a bigger part in helping the Landor. Where do I start?
Thanks for your interest! There are lots of ways to make a contribution to the Landor. If you would like to help us please click our ‘Support The Landor’ section under ‘About Us’. If you would prefer to donate your time or talent, please consider becoming a volunteer usher. We are always looking for dedicated people to support our efforts! For more information please e-mail us at

What’s a good place to eat around here?
The Landor Pub offers an extensive range of high quality meals to suit almost any taste. Why not have a meal before the show? Do allow enough time to dine with The Landor and see the best theatre in South West London. Everything is cooked to order.

What are the best seats in the house?
One of the reasons we’re so proud of our award-winning theatre is that it is very intimate. Every seat offers a clear, close, unobstructed view of the stage and you’re never more than two rows from the front!

I would like to hire the theatre, what do I do?
If you would like to have a production at The Landor Theatre, please e-mail us at for a hire pack and the many facilities we offer.